CRWTH - Ultimate (The Remixes)

CRWTH - Ultimate (The Remixes)

The Official Remixes For The "Ultimate" Remix Contest.


1st: Phoenix really killed the sound design on this one. I love how the track is super energetic without filling every single moment with bass. The transients are on point. Phoenix is on his way on creating some crazy shit so keep an eye out for him.


2nd: The Pwrs hit us with a impeccable the drop. Kept it fun and funky the whole time. Killer work.


3rd: HadIEz hooked up up with a sick trap remix, adding a sick variation of sounds while keeping the vibe and structure of the original. Killer work.


BONUS: RAZE interpretation of the song is amazing. All of the new melodies he introduced to the original are perfect. The percussion and drum programming are fucking epic.

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